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Bettina Heinz

Bettina Heinz is a German-American Artist working out of Escondido, California (San Diego) and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. She is a trained Chemist (Ph.D.), worked as a professor in general chemistry, organic and biochemistry, mainly for the training of students in the medical and dental fields in Germany, United States and Malaysia. She published five books on chemistry using her own graphic illustrations and produced a television course in chemistry with the Palomar telecommunication department, the episodes broadcasted late nights daily on Cox Cable television in the region.

She has an extensive body of work, some of which is exhibited in the InterArt Gallery, the Municipal Gallery, and the Distinction Gallery (Art Hatch), all located in Escondido.

She has a keen interest in world cultures, traditions and as a scientist in all forms of “life”, animate and inanimate. All of these find expression especially in her drawings. She often sees the humor and grotesqueness in the present day life, realizing the bizarre in the form of line cartoons.

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